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We are only doing ONE training course like this in 2016...

The Guild's 2016 Basic SEO BootCamp

Taught by one of the SEO industry's leading experts, John Heard

Day One: Monday, July 25th @ 2pm - 3pm CST
Day Two: Wednesday, July 27th @ 2pm - 3pm CST
Day Three: Friday, July 29th @ 2pm - 3pm CST
Final Q&A: Monday, August 1st @ 2pm - 3pm CST

As you're no doubt aware, compliance with Google's guidelines, best practices and terms of service are starting to make SEO look more and more like rocket science. If you're an online business trying to maintain your own search marketing efforts, that's the bad news.

But, if you're a savvy company with a dedicated online marketing department OR a professional who specializes in providing this service, then it's actually good news. Why? ...because it's the complexity that actually gives you an advantage.

You see, a small business owner can no longer do this alone. There simply isn't enough time to run a business AND stay abreast of the 70 plus different elements that factor into top ranking sites. We've been out in the field interviewing small business owners and the consensus is: They're confused, frustrated and they need help!

As a result, SEO pros are getting big fees. They're cherry-picking their clients. We also keep hearing success stories from members sharing their stories and thanking us for the trainings.

And, while your mileage may vary based on your ability, the fact remains that SEO fees are skyrocketing. Professionals in this industry are doing very, very well. Not just because the companies that need these services have so much to gain by getting it right, but mostly because there's so much to LOSE if they get it wrong. Google has them over a barrel. They must hire professional help or else wither and die. In short, they need you to rescue them.

So, why are we telling you this?

Because in just over a month, we're conducting the one and only 2016 Basic SEO Bootcamp. This is THE training course where we'll be covering the most recent 70 basic strategies and techniques that comprise a websites's optimization for 2016.

Here's your chance to put you AND your associates in the right place at the right time. And, fyi, businesses are becoming acutely aware of how valuable your services actually are! Doing a search for search engine marketing fees tells us that businesses should expect to pay fees like the following:

* $2500-$5000 - Monthly retainer fee
* $500-$7,500 - Site content audit
* $1000-$30,000 - Project pricing
* $100-$300/hr - Hourly consulting rate

*Source: (no affiliation with The Guild).

Using the same search, we find another well known professional who offers...

Site Assessments which are negotiated based upon project complexity. They generally come in between $20,000 and $50,000 -- just for an assessment! ...hourly rates: $200-$400/hr. We also find another professional firm that offers SEO pricing packages that start at $3,000-$8,000.

You get the idea. These are all first page search results for search engine marketing fees. BUT, you can only charge fees like this if you know what you're doing. AND you have to PRODUCE RESULTS! That's where we have you covered.

So for you we've made the 2016 Basic SEO Bootcamp extremely affordable! Register now for only $197 USD. Space is limited so register using the form below now.

Sign up now for $797 $197*

Save $600 if you sign up now! Just enter your name and email to get started.
*All prices are in USD.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the course you'll be eligible to receive our Official Certification and a Personalized Website Badge. The Badge links directly to your own personalized certification page on The Guild, which confirms to clients that you've been professionally trained and SEO Certified. Your clients will see your dedication to providing top quality services and your commitment to continuing education. Prior to receiving your certification you'll be required to complete an online test that demonstrates your knowledge on the subject.

About Your Instructor, John Heard

John Heard is arguably the most experienced SEO trainer in the world. He is the head of the Guild research department and our lead technical writer. Furthermore, John has been with The Guild since the very beginning back in 1997. Along with Stephen Mahaney (The Guild founder), John is THE original researcher on the Guild team. John has seen EVERYTHING! ...and he's got the resume to prove it. His easy-going, patient, heartland style of communication puts people at ease. His complete and total grasp of everything SEO screams EXPERT!

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